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Beauté Apprêt 细緻雾透露

RM 238.00

Net Weight: 15ml

It is added Titanium Dioxide, exceptionally fine mattifying powders naturally match skin surface, correcting skin color to flawless state, and brings perfect luminous finish. Using exclusive formula, Tea Tree Oil with anti-bacterial and anti-acne, it gently cleans the skin and shrink and purify pores as well. It helps to improve skin flaws and rich in Sodium Hyaluronate, providing skin high-moisturizing texture and prevent the moisture losing. It achieve long-lasting tender skin touch, easily let you have light and nude-matte experience. Give the skin zero burden and a young complexion.

Suitable Skin Type:
Suitable for all skin types.

After daily skin care procedure, gently and evenly apply appropriate amount on the face and neck. Follow by applying the Sun Protection at the end of whole process.

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添加二氧化钛,超微粒柔雾粉体自然贴合肌肤,调节肤色至最佳状态,使肌肤拥有细緻透亮光泽,特别採用澳洲茶树精油,具抗菌抗痘作用,可温和清洁肌肤并收缩淨化毛孔,有助于改善肌肤瑕疵,蕴含高效锁水成分玻尿酸,赋予肌肤保湿超水感,展现一整天的水嫩肤触,同时减少养分流失的功效。用后肤色亮丽自然, 细腻服帖、轻鬆拥有剔透裸肌粉雾超轻体验,给肌肤长效润泽零负担的年轻肤色。


在肌肤做完基础保养后,取适量均匀涂抹在脸和颈部, 之后涂防晒霜以结束整个美肤疗程。

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