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BH Off Capsules 黑头拔除胶囊粉

RM 70.00

Net Weight: 6 caps

To cleanse the pores deeply and pull out the acnes with collagen and hydrolyzed yeast, to stick the exceed grease and dirt inside the pores, rid of black heads, acnes and melanin. Is a pull off type mask which given the skin transparency.

Suitable Skin Type:
Suitable for all skin types.

After cleansing, open the capsule and pore the powder into the small container, add 10ml hot water and stir until without pellet, then smear on the T zone area with suitable amount and apply the oil blotting paper. Wait after around 20 minutes until dry completely, pull off the oil blotting paper from the bottom to top and wash off. Then apply the Invisible Pores Crèam immediately. * Strongly recommend to apply Invisible Pores Crèam after using BH Off Capsules. * (Also can prepare a hot towel before to pull out the acnes, apply on the face around 5-10 minutes to assist the pores expansion then use this product.)

Products Directory:
a) For face/ For parth of face
b) As the situation for sensitive skin

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洗完脸后取一粉盘并将粉盘打开,加入10ml的热水,即可搅拌分散成无颗粒状,适量涂抹须清除粉刺之T字鼻子部分,再贴上吸油面纸,可将剩余的原液,再刷在吸油面纸外层上,待完全干后(约二十分钟),将吸油面纸由下往上撕起,清洁后马上擦隐形毛孔除皱霜。 *强力推荐在使用黑头拔除胶囊粉后涂抹隐形毛孔除皱霜* (也可在拔粉刺前先准备一条热毛巾,敷于脸上约5-10分钟,帮助毛细孔张开时再使用本产品,效果更佳。)

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Collagen, Hydrolyzed Yeast, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Aloe Barbadensis extract


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