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CoEnzyme Préparation Q10 安肤素

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CoEnzyme is the main source of the cell energy. It exists in cell and stimulate mitochondrial in cell produces energy to antioxidant, eliminate free radicals, slow down the cell aging and repair the damage collagen fibers. Ultrafine adipose ligament particles which contain Q10 able to penetrate the cell gap rapidly and nourish the skin deeply. Its unique absorption design may smooth the pore, assist oxygen metabolism and produce ATP to metabolic fatty acid, deliver energy and strengthen the skin defense capability. Hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients may form a transparent protective membrane on epidermis, prevent water evaporation, improve and maintain moisture skin. A formulation which may activate the epidermal cell, enable the skin to be soften and moisture immediately.

Suitable Skin Type:
All skin types.

Apply appropriate amount on face and gently massage with fingertip until evenly and absorb during day and night after cleansing and toning.

Products Directory:
a) For Face
b) Day & night
c) Specifically for sensitive skin
d) Hydrating, Nourishing, Anti Wrinkle, Radiant, Whitening, Calming/Soothing, Oil Control

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Q10 安肤素

辅酶Q10是细胞能量的重要来源,它存在细胞里, 刺激细胞内的粒腺体产生能量,可抗氧化、消灭自由基、减缓细胞老化、修复受损的胶原纤维。富含Q10之超微粒脂囊粒子, 能迅速穿透细胞间隙,深层滋养肌肤。 其独特吸收设计,顺畅毛孔,让肌肤零负担, 并协助氧气代谢及制造ATP, 代谢脂肪酸,输送能量,增强皮肤防御能力, 使皮肤散发自然健康的光泽。 玻尿酸保湿成份,能于肌肤表面形成一道透明的保护膜, 防止水份蒸发, 促进肤质维持水亮感。全配方能让肌肤迅速感受到柔软与滋润的触感, 活化表皮细胞,给于肌肤全新的清新感受。


早晚清洁、调理肌肤后,以手心取适当的量, 擦拭于脸部肌肤, 以指腹轻推匀渗透。

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Aqua, Ubiquinone,Q10, 1,2-Hexanediol, Polyquaternium-51, Sodium Hyaluronate, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein.

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