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Mild-Exfoliate Gel 蔓越莓酵素去角质凝胶

Net Weight: 50ml

A mild, soothing exfoliate gel gently eliminate impurities and remove dead skin cells while refining the skin texture. It contains of plants extract which is excellent on moisture retention, promoting skin suppleness and optimizes the penetration of active ingredients. Allowing the skin inhale naturally! Deliver skin resurfacing benefits by the refreshing formulation; and gently slough away the excessive dirt while revitalize a healthier and more resilient complexion.

Suitable Skin Type:
Suitable for all skin types.

Apply evenly on clean and dry face, massage with fingertips for about 2 to 3 minutes until small beads appeared then rinse off with water.

Products Directory:
a) For Face
b) Day & night
c) Sensitive Skin – Depends on skin condition.
d) Exfoliating, Skin Renew, Hydrating, Radiant, Whitening, Spot Lightening



水柔滑嫩的质感,温和深层去除老废角质层,让肌肤回复原有的细嫩光滑。含植物性保湿成分,去角质时同步保养肌肤。并帮助保养成份有效率地渗入肌肤,没有阻碍。让肌肤能真正呼吸! 清爽不黏腻的凝胶配方,在按摩脸部时即可带走老废角质及脏污,轻松无负担地帮肌肤作大扫除,使肤色更加明亮动人,同时保湿、润泽肌肤表层。



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