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Sébium Gel 速效控油洗颜霜

Sebium Gel is formulated as a mild, non-detergent cleanser that removes superfluous cuticle, prevents the blockage of sebum-secreting pores, and leaves skin clean and moist. This revolutionary blemish treatment contains Tea Tree Oil and Plants Extract to prevent acne problems in all stages and visibly reduce marks left behind by blemishes.

Suitable Skin Type:
Oily and Acne Prone Skin.

Wet face and apply small amount to face and neck using gentle and smooth circular movements.Rinse thoroughly with warm, clean water and pat dry. Use daily, day and night.

Products Directory:
a) For Face
b) Day & night
c) Cleansers, Oil Control



内含有效抗菌成份, 不含皂硷,不会过度刺激敏感脆弱的暗疮肌肤,泡沫质地柔滑细致,能够温和迅速有效的清洁洗净肌肤上的残留妆容,不洁的脏物汗垢和全面彻底清洁洗净肌肤。


每天早晚使用, 脸部卸妆清洁后, 取适量于手心, 用于沾湿的脸上, 适度按摩脸部后, 以清水洗净抹干。

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Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Glycerin,biberry Extract, Sugarcane Extract,Lemon Extract, Tea Tree Oil


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